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Nicole Gambino,



Very little in life feels quite as daunting as the process of home buying. With so many moving pieces, it’s essential to feel confident in your navigation. Nicole Gambino, a lawyer turned realtor, offers a uniquely reassuring skill set to her clients during what can feel like an overwhelming experience.

New to the world of real estate but a veteran in the world of negotiation, Nicole’s professional background bolsters her naturally empathetic, go-getter persona with contract proficiency and the critical ability to break down complex terms and processes in tangible and relevant ways. Having received her JD from UCLA School of Law, Nicole rounds out her educational background with a BA in Mathematics and a teaching certificate from The College of New Jersey. As an experienced professional in education and law, Nicole is equipped to guide you through the trickiest of negotiations and keep you in the know while she does it.

Having spent over a decade as a tax lawyer with a focus on project finance, Nicole is invested in making sure that her clients are making educated, wise, and prudent decisions with long term scope. Successful in her previous role, she ultimately felt that tax law lacked some of the human element she’d hoped to find and knew that through real estate, she could combine her legal proficiency with her love for people into a career aimed at helping others. Having purchased her first home in San Francisco just five short years ago, Nicole understands the frenzy of the market. She’ll put her skills to work for you and bring calm to the fray.

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